Conversation Café


The Conversation Cafe brings people together and allows them to skip small talk, and connect personally through a guided conversation.


In the 21st century, we have a habit of befriending hundreds of people over social media, who however we never connect to in real life. This habit results in a struggle to meet others who are different to us. Hence, we sometimes lack the appreciation of the diversity our city has to offer, and of the personalities and stories each one of us carries.


The Conversation Cafe aims to challenge this gap of intimacy, by bringing total strangers together, and offering them a menu of personal questions to discuss. Skip the small talk, share what really makes you pain, smile, tick, and makes you - You; and connect with someone you would never connect with in your every day life. For real.


After successfully hosting the first conversation café,   we aim to bringing it to a new level by planning several thematic priorities such as a Girl Power cafe, which will be dedicated to Women's Week in March.