During the Shapeathon, we created immediate solutions for participating NGOs in a limited time. Thereby, we inspired them to think about new ways to tackle their challenges. Lastly, we were able to create a longer partnership with the NGO landscape in and around Munich across various fields.

Problem to solve

NGOs are often limited to their own resources and ways of thinking. They have multiple problems, e.g. fundraising, awareness, etc., which they cannot solve on their own.

Our solution

We invited NGOs that are tackling issues ranging from climate change to poverty to education to participate in a one day workshop. During the workshop shapers helped to solve concrete, prior-defined challenges that these local organization face by using the collective creativity and ideation of the Global Shapers.

What’s next

Munich Hub plans to repeat the first successful Shapeathon either topic based on one theme and/or involving the public as solution makers instead or additionally to the Shapers.