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EU Elections App (WahlSwiper)


Increasing youth voter turnout by gamification of politics through tinder-like app for EU elections (the project is politically neutral!)


With Brexit and other political events we see that the young generation is increasingly detached from politics and that their voice is not being heard.


We aim at boosting voter turnout of young people for the EU election 2019 by launching an app in all EU countries that allows you to match tinder-like with your favourite parties by swiping left and right on political questions. Each question has an explanatory video which allows to learn more about politics. This results in a ranking of parties that fit best to you, as well as a playful way of learning more about politics.


The app has successfully launched as WahlSwiper for past German elections ( by movact), reaching over 1 million. Now, we are activating our network to set up teams in each country, to create country-specific content.

For now, we need 1) funding for the app, especially the video-content, and 2) to spread the word to find active volunteers.