Dozens of refugees living in the Munich how their first access to computers and are learning how to use them, to the benefit of their academic, career and personal development.


Having access to and being able to use a computer and the internet is critical for communication, job applications and integration into broader society. Of the 400+ refugees living in northern Munich, have not had access to computers and many of them do not know how to use them.


Shapers Munich provide courses, including one-on-one help, teaching the refugees ages 5 to 50, how use a computer. We have provided donated laptops for the camp and we have identified the key learning goals of the students and have created a lesson plan that fits for all. We have started with basic user interface and are building up though typing exercises and will eventually show how to write emails and job applications. We also work individually to help their weaknesses and promote their strengths.


Our long-term goal is to provide the refugees with the tools they need to independently fulfill tasks that must be conducted via a technological medium. We are working to establish a connection public school in Garching, Bavaria to create courses led by local students as part of their project work. This will provide not only computer courses for the refugees but also cross-cultural interaction for both sides